My Charlotte Tilbury Collection

I am a HUGE Charlotte Tilbury fan! When I first heard about Charlotte Tilbury it was when she first launched her makeup brand in 2013 in Selfridges. I was working in Boots at the time and I just couldn’t understand what was the big deal was! 

Fast forward a year later and I got my first job in London with a payrise and I leapt at the chance to buy all of the more lavish  makeup which I couldn’t afford normally. My first purchase was a lipstick and I have never looked back since. Not only now do I love Charlotte Tilbury’s brand but I also love her as a person and I thought it was time that I shared my collection with you all! 

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow
I was never the kind of girl to use face primers before discovering this. I was much more the moisturiser and foundation kind of gal. I have also had dry skin and my face can sometimes look a bit dull if I do not add any glow to it and this is exactly what this primer does. It has a lot of shimmer running through it and it makes my skin look as if it is glowing from within. Now, I wont say that this primer has a moisturising effect but I just add a little bit into my morning moisturiser and I am hydrated and glowing! What more could you want!! 

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks
I decided to group my two FAVE Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks together! These are Very Victoria and the ever so classic Pillow Talk! There is just something about these beauties that make me always reach for them! They last so long on my lips and the packaging is just sublime! I don’t think I will ever stop purchasing these! 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter
Now where do I start with this glorious product. This gorgeous “primer” is literally glow in a bottle. Now I don’t class is a normal primer as in I don’t use this expecting it to keep my makeup on all day but I use it to give me that glow from within look. It’s absolutely stunning on its own but I mainly use this under foundation but you can use it over the top as a highlighter. If I could only have one product. This. Would. Be. It!!!!!!

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish 
I have never been a compact kinda gal. I’ve always used my trusty RCMA no colour powder. However this powder has converted me! It makes my face matte but not to the point that any glow is gone. It always give a little bit of coverage which I LOVE! It is also one of the most beautiful compacts I have ever seen! 

Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Palette
I got this palette as a Christmas Present last year and it was my first introduction to CT eyeshadows. This palette has been my go to for day and night as I LOVE a bronzey eye look! Charlotte has also just introduced the new Pillow Talk quad palette and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat
I swear by lip liner. I cannot wear any lipstick without lip liner and sometimes I just wear lip liner on it’s own. I love the full lip look and for the longest time I was contemplating getting lip fillers. I have no decided to go for the not so permanent route of a really good lip liner and I have found that with Charlotte Tilbury. My “my lips but better” shade is pillow talk! It matches my lip colour to a T and I can’t wait to try more of these! 

I hope you all enjoyed my CT collection! I know this isn’t the biggest in the world but I am very proud of it and can’t wait to extend it even more :)

Hope you are all having a smashing weekend! Let me know what’s your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? 

S xx


  1. I was the exact same when I got a payrise! Looove Charlotte Tilbury, so luxurious!x

  2. I think it’s a must do when you get a pay rise haha! Charlotte Tilbury has very quickly become my fave brand! X

  3. OMG YES! I have all the products you have and I just adore them all!

    x Lisa |

    1. It’s such a gorgeous brand! I haven’t found a product I don’t love yet! X

  4. Ahh these products look so lush! I would love to try some Charlotte Tilbury products, definitely something to add to my payday list haha!

    Eva x -

    1. It’s such a gorgeous brand!! Hope you love the products as much as I do!! Xx


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