Nice Travel Diaries - August 2018

The past week I have been in the south of France exploring the wonderful place which is Nice!
We spent 5 days in the glorious place and I must say we are already planning when we will be returning! Following on from my Rome travel diary I will be giving you a bite sized travel guide on my experiences from the hotel, food and sites! 

Let’s kick this off with:

1. The hotel
We stayed at Hotel Windsor in Nice which is around 20 minutes from the airport. This is such a gorgeous unique hotel! The pool is surrounded by greenery and each room has a different theme. Our rooms theme was (what I believe) children toys as we had a very spooky clown above the bed! Overall the hotel was lovely and breakfast was served outside in the gardens!

2. Eating and drinking
When in France the drink of choice will ALWAYS be a glass of vino! I’ve never been a white wine drinker - always red or rose and I found the most blooming marvellous rose when we travelled to Monaco! It is called Le Vin de Cresci and I would HIGLY recommend this! Funnily enough we mainly ate Italian food whilst being here! However there is a WONDERFUL Indian restaurant called Noori’s which made the best Lamb Bhuna I have ever had. 

3. The sites
The sites in Nice are blooming marvellous! During our stay we travelled to Monaco by boat and lived my best life in Monte Carlo! It was in my opinion my favourite place in the world! Full off all of my favourite designers and we also had dry martinis in the Casino where James Bond was filmed! Monte Carlo was quite pricey as you can imagine, however it was a brilliant experience! My only suggestion would be to prepare yourself for a lot of walking and to feel a little sore afterwards!  

Overall this place has been absolutely magical and I would come back in a heartbeat! The weather was a gorgeous 28 degrees the whole time (pack that suncream!). 

S xx


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