It's the little things...

Do you ever have those days where you just want to lay in bed and hide from the world?
We all have them and they are completely normal! I thought I would list some of the things which I do that help me when I feel like hiding from everyone and everything!

1. Netflix
Netflix has slowly become one of my best friends (literally!) and I have become very proud of my collection of listed TV-shows and movies! Whether it be a chic flick like Love Rosie, a sassy TV-show like Gossip Girl/Gavin and Stacey or and absolute 80's classic like The Breakfast Club. I will always find something comforting, funny or damn brilliant on Netflix which will always brighten my mood. And I highly recommend the movies/shows I have just mentioned.

2. Retail Therapy
Who doesn't love a good ole shopping spree (I know I do!). Sometimes money doesn't even need to be spent, it can be as little as putting stuff in your ASOS wishlist but I know that looking at clothes/makeup will always lift me up and give me some inspiration.

3. Cuddles
This may be with a furry friend, a partner, a friend or a parent. I always find that I instantly feel slightly better after a cuddle with someone I love.

4. Treat Yo’Self! 
Chocolate? A cup of tea? Glass of Vino? New makeup? However you wish to treat yourself. DO IT! We all deserve a treat every now and then and there is never a better time then when you a feeling a bit down! My treat of choice would be a glass of Malbec and some cheese and biscuits! 

These are just some tips which help me when I’m feeling a bit low. What do you do that helps you? Please leave any tips in the comments it may help someone! 

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday! 

S xx


  1. The little things are the big things. If I'm ever having a low day, I love to just hang out with my family or talk to my best friends. I absolutely love nature as well and I going outside and listening to music can also help me feel better. Cuddles always help too haha!

    1. I live opposite a park and I always find that have a quick walk over there always helps me feel better!!

  2. I always find that whenever I feel like this, escaping is the best thing for me - whether that's through re-watching a film I love, reading a book or listening to music! Lovely post <3 xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! Reading a book always calms me down and relaxes me. My kindle is my best friend haha! xx


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