Bondi Sands Shimmer One Day Tan Review

If you read my fake tanning routine  you will know that fake tan is a love of mine and Bondi Sands is one of my favourite brands. To me there is nothing better than when it is freezing cold to still be walking around like you just got back from holiday!

Sometimes I do not want to go through my full on fake tanning routine (usually because I've left it too late or I am being lazy haha!). When I am in those moods I decide to reach for an instant wash off tan. This is the one which I have found myself reaching for on numerous occasions. It still gives you that golden glow but with added simmer.... what more could you want!?!?!?! Another plus is that is literally washes off with soap and water so there's is that added convenience if you would just like to be tanned for one night/day only.

They do a range of types if a simmery tan isn't what you are after but I would highly recommend this one. I go through my normal fake tanning routine but just use this one instead of my typical tanner.

Have you tried any of Bondi Sands? What is your fave product or what is your fave tanner? Let me know!

S xx


  1. I like how it washes off easily!


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