My Summer Wardrobe Staples

Much to mine and I’m pretty sure the whole of the UK surprise – the heat wave continues!

This summer (although it has been a sweaty one) will always be remembered as the year that my summer wardrobe really hit a turning point. I thought I would list some of the items that has helped me keep cool during this hot summer days as well as keeping up with the trends.

1. The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been absolutely everywhere this summer and to be honest I was a bit sceptical to fall into the craze. I’m at 5ft1 slightly on the chubby side lady, however I have been amazingly surprised and have found one which suit my size and frame perfectly! The one in the photo below is from Topshop and is £39.

gorgeous topshop polkadot jumpsuit

2. Sunnies

Sunglasses, I personally think are a staple in everyone’s summer wardrobes. However, the reason I have included these is because I’m a bit of a sunglass hoarded/snob. My absolute favourite ones of this year that I have discovered are the below ones from Gucci which are definitely on my wish list!!
These retail at £250

Gucci gorgeous sunglasses

3. Wedges/Flatforms

Straw/corked wedges have kicked off this summer in my opinion and there was one pair from Zara that I saw all over Instagram... and I joined the hype. One thing I must admit is that they took some time to get used to walking in haha! 
These retail for £49.99 however ASOS do some amazing ones as well! 

flatformed wedges amazing fashion at SH

4. Drop earrings

Now I know these have been a bit of a craze for a little while now, however, I have only seemed to jump on the bandwagon this summer! This potentially might be because I done the big chop on my hair and you can actually see the earrings a little bit more now! 
These are from ASOS at £12.99

So these are a few of my summer staples for this insanely hot weather we are all experiencing at the moment. Keep the SPF up guys and enjoy the sunshine!

S xx


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